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Holly's In-Home Help


About Me

My name is Holly Cravens, and I am 25 years old. I was born and raised in Northern Virginia and have recently moved back to the area after obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health Pre-Clinical. Being the oldest of 3 girls, you could say that my very first job ever was childcare. I have worked in different capacities and have gained years of experience with children. During high school, I was a sought-after babysitter, but I also worked at the Golden Pond School Summer Camps, where I created lesson plans and supervised and cared for various age group classes. I also served as a volunteer coach for Stone Bridge High School's Girls Basketball Summer Camps. As a former athlete, I believe in creating fun activities for children and know how vital physical fitness is to their health and development.


During my college career, I became an EMT and worked with different teams to provide emergency and non-emergency medical services. Additionally, this certification included extensive training in infant and child first aid. In the course of my Public Health Degree, I also studied developmental psychology of children and nutrition for children. I recently finished working in the Emergency Department at Lynchburg General Hospital where I worked as an ED Tech. This provided me the opportunity to work in a setting with people of all ages, and I really valued and enjoyed my time with children.

My passion for helping others has only grown through the different types of jobs I’ve had and increases with each new client. My compassion for children comes from knowing they are uniquely designed by God and that they each have their own story to unfold. Children will always fascinate and inspire me, and I believe if we have the same innate kindness, compassion and love that they do, the world will be a better place.


My Vision & Goals

In creating this idea for Home Assistance my heart was childcare, but I also wanted to incorporate assistance in other areas of life. So in addition to childcare, I'm happy to provide pet care. My services can also be tailored to your needs, as my goal for this endeavor is to help you in the best way that I can. I’m hoping by working together we can relieve some excess stress and free up some extra time in your day-to-day life.

As business grows, I would like to expand and hire more trained and reliable people to work with me to increase the amount of people helped as well as the variety of services offered.


What’s important to me?

I treat coming into your home as an honor and a privilege. Helping you out in the best way that I can with respect and integrity is what I’m about. I know that your children, your pets, your daily lives are precious, and it is vital to me that I am honest and work to the best of my abilities to successfully serve you with care.



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